5209 Words That End With D

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
abandoned (adjective) forsaken by owner or inhabitants Synonyms: derelict, deserted
(adjective) unrestrained and uninhibited
abashed (adjective) feeling or caused to feel ill at ease or self-conscious or ashamed Synonyms: embarrassed, chagrined
abbreviated (adjective) (of clothing) very short Synonyms: brief
(adjective) cut short in duration Synonyms: shortened, truncated
abed (adverb) in bed
abfarad (noun) a capacitance unit equal to one billion farads
ablated (adjective) made smaller or less by melting or erosion or vaporization
aboard (adverb) on a ship, train, plane or other vehicle Synonyms: on board
(adverb) on first or second or third base
(adverb) side by side Synonyms: alongside
(adverb) part of a group
aborad (adverb) away from the mouth or oral region
abound (verb) be abundant or plentiful; exist in large quantities
(verb) be in a state of movement or action Synonyms: bristle, burst
aboveboard (adverb) in an honest manner Synonyms: honestly
(adjective) without concealment or deception; honest Synonyms: straightforward
aboveground (adjective) on or above the surface of the ground
abridged (adjective) (used of texts) shortened by condensing or rewriting
abroad (adverb) to or in a foreign country
(adverb) far away from home or one's usual surroundings Synonyms: afield
(adverb) in a place across an ocean Synonyms: overseas
(adjective) in a foreign country Synonyms: overseas
abscessed (adjective) infected and filled with pus
abscond (verb) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along Synonyms: run off, make off, decamp, go off, absquatulate, bolt
absentminded (adjective) lost in thought; showing preoccupation Synonyms: scatty, absent, abstracted
absolved (adjective) freed from any question of guilt Synonyms: exculpated, exonerated, vindicated, clear, cleared
absorbed (adjective) giving or marked by complete attention to Synonyms: rapt, intent, engrossed, enwrapped, wrapped, captive
(adjective) retained without reflection
abstracted (adjective) lost in thought; showing preoccupation Synonyms: scatty, absent, absentminded
absurd (adjective) inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense
(adjective) so unreasonable as to invite derision Synonyms: ridiculous, nonsensical, idiotic, derisory, preposterous, cockeyed, laughable, ludicrous
(noun) a situation in which life seems irrational and meaningless Synonyms: the absurd
abused (adjective) subjected to cruel treatment Synonyms: ill-treated, maltreated, mistreated
(adjective) used improperly or excessively especially drugs
acanthoid (adjective) shaped like a spine or thorn Synonyms: spinous, acanthous
acarid (noun) very small free-living arachnid that is parasitic on animals or plants; related to ticks
accelerated (adjective) speeded up, as of an academic course
accented (adjective) (used of syllables) bearing the principle stress, usually accompanied by a change in pitch Synonyms: tonic
(adjective) bearing a stress or accent Synonyms: stressed
accepted (adjective) generally approved or compelling recognition Synonyms: recognised, recognized
accompanied (adjective) having companions or an escort
(adjective) playing or singing with instrumental or vocal accompaniment Synonyms: attended
accomplished (adjective) highly skilled Synonyms: complete
(adjective) successfully completed or brought to an end Synonyms: realised, realized, completed
(adjective) settled securely and unconditionally Synonyms: effected, established
accord (verb) go together Synonyms: consort, agree, harmonise, harmonize, concord, fit in
(verb) allow to have Synonyms: grant, allot
(noun) harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters Synonyms: agreement
(noun) concurrence of opinion Synonyms: conformity, accordance
(noun) a written agreement between two states or sovereigns Synonyms: pact, treaty
(noun) sympathetic compatibility
accoutered (adjective) provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military) Synonyms: accoutred
accoutred (adjective) provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military) Synonyms: accoutered
accredited (adjective) given official approval to act Synonyms: commissioned, licenced, licensed
accrued (adjective) periodically accumulated over time Synonyms: accumulated
accumulated (adjective) periodically accumulated over time Synonyms: accrued
accursed (adjective) under a curse Synonyms: maledict, accurst
accused (noun) a defendant in a criminal proceeding
accustomed (adjective) commonly used or practiced; usual Synonyms: habitual, wonted, customary
acetanilid (noun) a solid odourless chemical of leaf or flake-like appearance; used in rubber accelerator, dye, and camphor synthesis; metabolised to paracetamol (acetaminophen) Synonyms: phenylacetamide, acetanilide
acid (noun) any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
(noun) street name for lysergic acid diethylamide Synonyms: Zen, dose, dot, pane, Elvis, window pane, superman, back breaker, battery-acid, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, loony toons
(adjective) harsh or corrosive in tone Synonyms: sulfurous, sulphurous, virulent, vitriolic, caustic, acerb, acerbic, acrid, bitter, blistering
(adjective) being sour to the taste Synonyms: acidic, acidulent, acidulous
(adjective) having the characteristics of an acid
acknowledged (adjective) recognized or made known or admitted
(adjective) generally accepted
acned (adjective) (of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin Synonyms: pimpled, pimply, pustulate
acold (adjective) of persons; feeling cold
acquainted (adjective) having fair knowledge of
acquired (adjective) gotten through environmental forces
acquitted (adjective) declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime; legally blameless Synonyms: not guilty
acrid (adjective) strong and sharp Synonyms: pungent
(adjective) harsh or corrosive in tone Synonyms: sulfurous, sulphurous, virulent, vitriolic, caustic, acerb, acerbic, acid, bitter, blistering
acridid (noun) grasshopper with short antennae Synonyms: short-horned grasshopper
actinoid (noun) any of a series of radioactive elements with atomic numbers 89 through 103 Synonyms: actinide, actinon
(adjective) having a radial form
actinopod (noun) protozoa having stiff rodlike radiating pseudopods
activated (adjective) (of sewage) treated with aeration and bacteria to aid decomposition
(adjective) (of e.g. a molecule) made reactive or more reactive Synonyms: excited
(adjective) rendered active; e.g. rendered radioactive or luminescent or photosensitive or conductive
(adjective) (military) set up and placed on active assignment
actuated (adjective) moved to action
aculeated (adjective) having or resembling a stinger or barb Synonyms: aculeate
ad (noun) a public promotion of some product or service Synonyms: advertising, advert, advertisement, advertizement, advertizing
adapted (adjective) changed in order to improve or made more fit for a particular purpose Synonyms: altered
add (verb) make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of
(verb) state or say further Synonyms: supply, append
(verb) bestow a quality on Synonyms: impart, bring, contribute, bestow, lend
(verb) make an addition by combining numbers Synonyms: add together
(verb) determine the sum of Synonyms: add together, tally, summate, total, sum, sum up, add up, tot, tot up, tote up
(verb) constitute an addition
addend (noun) a number that is added to another number (the augend)
addicted (adjective) compulsively or physiologically dependent on something habit-forming
addlebrained (adjective) stupid and confused Synonyms: muddleheaded, puddingheaded, addlepated
addled (adjective) (of eggs) no longer edible
(adjective) confused and vague; used especially of thinking Synonyms: muddled, muzzy, woolly, woolly-headed, wooly, wooly-minded, befuddled
addlehead (noun) a person with confused ideas; incapable of serious thought Synonyms: loon, addle-head, birdbrain
addlepated (adjective) stupid and confused Synonyms: muddleheaded, puddingheaded, addlebrained
addressed (adjective) (of mail) marked with a destination
adelgid (noun) any of various insects that feed and form galls on conifers
adenoid (noun) a collection of lymphatic tissue in the throat behind the uvula (on the posterior wall and roof of the nasopharynx) Synonyms: pharyngeal tonsil, third tonsil, tonsilla adenoidea, tonsilla pharyngealis, Luschka's tonsil
(adjective) relating to or resembling lymphatic glands or lymphoid tissue
adjusted (adjective) altered to accommodate to certain requirements or bring into a proper relation
(adjective) adjusted to demands of daily living; showing emotional stability
(adjective) having achieved a comfortable relation with your environment Synonyms: familiarised, familiarized
(adjective) (especially of garments) having the fit or style adjusted
admired (adjective) regarded with admiration
adopted (adjective) acquired as your own by free choice Synonyms: adoptive
adored (adjective) regarded with deep or rapturous love (especially as if for a god) Synonyms: idolised, idolized, worshipped
adorned (adjective) provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction Synonyms: decorated
adpressed (adjective) pressed close to or lying flat against something Synonyms: appressed
adscripted (adjective) (used of persons) bound to a tract of land; hence their service is transferable from owner to owner Synonyms: adscript
adulterated (adjective) mixed with impurities Synonyms: debased, adulterate
adulthood (noun) the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed Synonyms: maturity
(noun) the state (and responsibilities) of a person who has attained maturity
advanced (adjective) farther along in physical or mental development
(adjective) comparatively late in a course of development
(adjective) ahead of the times Synonyms: innovative, modern, forward-looking
(adjective) at a higher level in training or knowledge or skill
(adjective) ahead in development; complex or intricate Synonyms: sophisticated
(adjective) far along in time Synonyms: ripe
(adjective) (of societies) highly developed especially in technology or industry
(adjective) situated ahead or going before Synonyms: in advance, advance
advertised (adjective) called to public attention
advised (adjective) having the benefit of careful prior consideration or counsel Synonyms: well-advised
(adjective) having received information
aerated (adjective) (of a liquid) treated by having air passed or bubbled through it for purification
(adjective) supplied with carbon dioxide Synonyms: charged
aerosolised (adjective) in the form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas Synonyms: aerosolized
aerosolized (adjective) in the form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas Synonyms: aerosolised
afeard (adjective) a pronunciation of afraid Synonyms: afeared
afeared (adjective) a pronunciation of afraid Synonyms: afeard
affected (adjective) acted upon; influenced
(adjective) speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression Synonyms: unnatural
(adjective) being excited or provoked to the expression of an emotion Synonyms: moved, stirred, touched
affiliated (adjective) being joined in close association Synonyms: connected, attached
affined (adjective) closely related
affixed (adjective) firmly attached
afflicted (adjective) grievously affected especially by disease Synonyms: stricken
(adjective) mentally or physically unfit Synonyms: impaired
afford (verb) be able to spare or give up
(verb) be the cause or source of Synonyms: give, yield
(verb) have the financial means to do something or buy something
(verb) afford access to Synonyms: give, open
afield (adverb) far away from home or one's usual surroundings Synonyms: abroad
(adverb) in or into a field (especially a field of battle)
(adverb) off the subject; beyond the point at issue
aforementioned (adjective) being the one previously mentioned or spoken of Synonyms: said, aforesaid
aforesaid (adjective) being the one previously mentioned or spoken of Synonyms: said, aforementioned
afraid (adjective) filled with fear or apprehension
(adjective) filled with regret or concern; used often to soften an unpleasant statement
(adjective) feeling worry or concern or insecurity
(adjective) having feelings of aversion or unwillingness
aftershafted (adjective) having an aftershaft (a small feather at the base of some feathers)
afterward (adverb) happening at a time subsequent to a reference time Synonyms: subsequently, after, afterwards, later, later on
afterworld (noun) the place where you are after you die
agamid (noun) a lizard of the family Agamidae Synonyms: agamid lizard
aged (noun) people who are old collectively Synonyms: elderly
(adjective) advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables) Synonyms: older, elderly, senior
(adjective) at an advanced stage of erosion (pronounced as one syllable)
(adjective) having attained a specific age; (`aged' is pronounced as one syllable) Synonyms: of age
(adjective) of wines, fruit, cheeses; having reached a desired or final condition; (`aged' pronounced as one syllable) Synonyms: ripened
(adjective) (used of tobacco) aging as a preservative process Synonyms: cured
agglomerated (adjective) clustered together but not coherent Synonyms: clustered, agglomerate, agglomerative
aggravated (adjective) made more severe or intense especially in law
(adjective) incited, especially deliberately, to anger Synonyms: provoked
aggregated (adjective) formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole Synonyms: mass, aggregate, aggregative
agitated (adjective) troubled emotionally and usually deeply
(adjective) physically disturbed or set in motion

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