11 Verbs That End With REST

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
afforest (verb) establish a forest on previously unforested land Synonyms: forest
arrest (verb) take into custody Synonyms: pick up, apprehend, nail, cop, nab, collar
(verb) hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of Synonyms: check, stop, turn back, hold back, contain
(verb) attract and fix Synonyms: get, catch
(verb) cause to come to an abrupt stop Synonyms: hold, halt
crest (verb) lie at the top of Synonyms: cap
(verb) reach a high point
deforest (verb) remove the trees from Synonyms: disafforest, disforest
disafforest (verb) remove the trees from Synonyms: deforest, disforest
disforest (verb) remove the trees from Synonyms: deforest, disafforest
forest (verb) establish a forest on previously unforested land Synonyms: afforest
interest (verb) excite the curiosity of; engage the interest of
(verb) be on the mind of Synonyms: occupy, worry, concern
(verb) be of importance or consequence Synonyms: matter to
reforest (verb) forest anew
rest (verb) not move; be in a resting position
(verb) take a short break from one's activities in order to relax Synonyms: breathe, catch one's breath, take a breather
(verb) give a rest to
(verb) have a place in relation to something else Synonyms: lie
(verb) be at rest
(verb) stay the same; remain in a certain state Synonyms: stay, remain
(verb) be inherent or innate in Synonyms: repose, reside
(verb) put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying
(verb) sit, as on a branch Synonyms: perch, roost
(verb) rest on or as if on a pillow Synonyms: pillow
(verb) be inactive, refrain from acting
wrest (verb) obtain by seizing forcibly or violently, also metaphorically

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