11 Verbs That End With IKE

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
bike (verb) ride a bicycle Synonyms: bicycle, cycle, pedal, wheel
counterstrike (verb) make a counterattack Synonyms: counterattack
dike (verb) enclose with a dike Synonyms: dyke
dislike (verb) have or feel a dislike or distaste for
hike (verb) walk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise
(verb) increase Synonyms: boost, hike up
hitchhike (verb) travel by getting free rides from motorists Synonyms: hitch, thumb
instalike (verb) to instantly vote for something on social media
like (verb) feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard
(verb) to hope, to desire or to prefer to have something, or to do something Synonyms: care, wish
(verb) be fond of
(verb) find enjoyable or agreeable
(verb) want to have
motorbike (verb) ride a motorcycle Synonyms: cycle, motorcycle
spike (verb) add alcohol to (beverages) Synonyms: fortify, lace
(verb) bring forth a spike or spikes Synonyms: spike out
(verb) manifest a sharp increase
(verb) pierce with a sharp stake or point Synonyms: empale, impale, transfix
(verb) secure with spikes
(verb) stand in the way of
strike (verb) cause to form (an electric arc) between electrodes of an arc lamp
(verb) arrive at after reckoning, deliberating, and weighing
(verb) indicate (a certain time) by striking
(verb) make a strategic, offensive, assault against an enemy, opponent, or a target Synonyms: hit
(verb) deliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon
(verb) hit against; come into sudden contact with Synonyms: collide with, hit, impinge on, run into
(verb) affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely Synonyms: hit
(verb) produce by manipulating keys or strings of musical instruments Synonyms: hit
(verb) remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line Synonyms: excise, expunge, scratch
(verb) pierce with force
(verb) smooth with a strickle Synonyms: strickle
(verb) hook by a pull on the line Synonyms: seize
(verb) produce by ignition or a blow
(verb) form by stamping, punching, or printing Synonyms: coin, mint
(verb) disassemble a temporary structure, such as a tent or a theatrical set
(verb) have an emotional or cognitive impact upon Synonyms: affect, impress, move
(verb) drive something violently into a location Synonyms: hit
(verb) occupy or take on Synonyms: assume, take, take up
(verb) cause to experience suddenly Synonyms: come to, hit
(verb) find unexpectedly Synonyms: attain, chance on, chance upon, come across, come upon, discover, fall upon, happen upon, light upon
(verb) stop work in order to press demands Synonyms: walk out
(verb) attain Synonyms: come to
(verb) touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly Synonyms: fall, shine

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