4 Verbs That Contain MEAN

Word Definitions Synonyms
demean (verb) reduce in worth or character, usually verbally put down, take down, disgrace, degrade
mean (verb) mean or intend to express or convey intend
mean (verb) have as a logical consequence entail, imply
mean (verb) denote or connote intend, stand for, signify
mean (verb) have in mind as a purpose intend, think
mean (verb) have a specified degree of importance -
mean (verb) intend to refer to have in mind, think of
mean (verb) destine or designate for a certain purpose -
meander (verb) to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course wander, weave, wind, thread
misdemean (verb) behave badly misbehave, misconduct

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