16 Nouns That End With REST

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
armrest (noun) a support for the arm
arrest (noun) the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal) Synonyms: pinch, catch, collar, apprehension, taking into custody
(noun) the state of inactivity following an interruption Synonyms: stop, halt, hitch, stay, stoppage, check
backrest (noun) a support that you can lean against while sitting Synonyms: back
bedrest (noun) confinement to bed continuously (as in the case of some sick or injured persons) Synonyms: bed rest
crest (noun) the top line of a hill, mountain, or wave
(noun) the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill) Synonyms: peak, summit, crown, tip, top
(noun) the center of a cambered road Synonyms: crown
(noun) (heraldry) in medieval times, an emblem used to decorate a helmet
(noun) a showy growth of e.g. feathers or skin on the head of a bird or other animal
dearest (noun) a beloved person; used as terms of endearment Synonyms: love, honey, dear, beloved
disinterest (noun) tolerance attributable to a lack of involvement Synonyms: neutrality
(noun) lack of interest
footrest (noun) a low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person Synonyms: ottoman, footstool, tuffet
forest (noun) the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area Synonyms: wood, woods
(noun) land that is covered with trees and shrubs Synonyms: timber, woodland, timberland
goldcrest (noun) European kinglet with a black-bordered yellow crown patch Synonyms: Regulus regulus, golden-crested kinglet
handrest (noun) a support for the hand
headrest (noun) a cushion attached to the top of the back of an automobile's seat to prevent whiplash Synonyms: head restraint
(noun) a rest for the head
interest (noun) a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something Synonyms: involvement
(noun) a reason for wanting something done Synonyms: sake
(noun) the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.) Synonyms: interestingness
(noun) a fixed charge for borrowing money; usually a percentage of the amount borrowed
(noun) (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something Synonyms: stake
(noun) (usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims Synonyms: interest group
(noun) a diversion that occupies one's time and thoughts (usually pleasantly) Synonyms: pastime, pursuit
rainforest (noun) a forest with heavy annual rainfall Synonyms: rain forest
rest (noun) something left after other parts have been taken away Synonyms: residue, remainder, residual, residuum, balance
(noun) freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility) Synonyms: relaxation, repose, ease
(noun) a pause for relaxation Synonyms: relief, respite, rest period
(noun) a state of inaction
(noun) euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb) Synonyms: sleep, quietus, eternal rest, eternal sleep
(noun) a support on which things can be put
(noun) a musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration
unrest (noun) a state of agitation or turbulent change or development Synonyms: agitation, ferment, fermentation, tempestuousness
(noun) a feeling of restless agitation

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