2107 Nouns That End With G

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
accenting (noun) the act of giving special importance or significance to something Synonyms: emphasizing, accentuation
accounting (noun) a convincing explanation that reveals basic causes
(noun) a system that provides quantitative information about finances
(noun) the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business Synonyms: accountancy
(noun) a bookkeeper's chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts Synonyms: method of accounting, accounting system
(noun) a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance Synonyms: account, account statement
aching (noun) a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain Synonyms: ache
acquiring (noun) the act of acquiring something Synonyms: getting
acting (noun) the performance of a part or role in a drama Synonyms: performing, playacting, playing
activating (noun) the activity of causing to have energy and be active Synonyms: energizing, activation
adducing (noun) citing as evidence or proof
adulting (noun) acting like an adult
advertising (noun) a public promotion of some product or service Synonyms: ad, advert, advertisement, advertizement, advertizing
(noun) the business of drawing public attention to goods and services Synonyms: merchandising, publicizing
advertizing (noun) a public promotion of some product or service Synonyms: advertising, ad, advert, advertisement, advertizement
ageing (noun) acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time Synonyms: ripening, aging
(noun) the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age Synonyms: senescence, aging
aging (noun) acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time Synonyms: ripening, ageing
(noun) the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age Synonyms: senescence, ageing
airing (noun) the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate Synonyms: dissemination, spreading, public exposure
(noun) a short excursion (a walk or ride) in the open air
(noun) the act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air Synonyms: ventilation
alerting (noun) a state of readiness to respond Synonyms: alertness
(noun) a warning serves to make you more alert to danger Synonyms: alert
almsgiving (noun) making voluntary contributions to aid the poor Synonyms: alms-giving
altering (noun) the sterilization of an animal Synonyms: neutering, fixing
analog (noun) something having the property of being analogous to something else Synonyms: parallel, analogue
anglewing (noun) nymphalid butterfly having angular notches on the outer edges of the forewings
angling (noun) fishing with a hook and line (and usually a pole)
annealing (noun) hardening something by heat treatment Synonyms: tempering
annotating (noun) the act of adding notes Synonyms: annotation
annoying (noun) the act of troubling or annoying someone Synonyms: irritation, vexation, annoyance
anointing (noun) the act of applying oil or an oily liquid Synonyms: anointment
antialiasing (noun) (computer graphics) a technique that is used to smooth jagged distortions in curves and diagonal lines so they appear smoother
antilog (noun) the number of which a given number is the logarithm Synonyms: antilogarithm
appalling (noun) an experience that appalls
appearing (noun) formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action Synonyms: coming into court, appearance
apportioning (noun) the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan Synonyms: parceling, parcelling, allocation, allotment, apportionment, assignation
approaching (noun) the event of one object coming closer to another Synonyms: approach
(noun) the temporal property of becoming nearer in time Synonyms: approach, coming
(noun) the act of drawing spatially closer to something Synonyms: approach, coming
approving (noun) the formal act of approving Synonyms: approval, blessing
aqualung (noun) a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus Synonyms: scuba, Aqua-Lung
arguing (noun) a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement Synonyms: contention, tilt, argument, disceptation, disputation, contestation, controversy
arming (noun) the act of equipping with weapons in preparation for war Synonyms: equipping, armament
arranging (noun) the act of arranging and adapting a piece of music Synonyms: arrangement, transcription
artlang (noun) a constructed language designed for aesthetic pleasure. Synonyms: artistic language
ascending (noun) the act of changing location in an upward direction Synonyms: rise, ascension, ascent
asking (noun) the verbal act of requesting Synonyms: request
assembling (noun) the act of gathering something together Synonyms: collecting, collection, aggregation
assenting (noun) agreeing with or consenting to (often unwillingly) Synonyms: accession
assigning (noun) the act of distributing something to designated places or persons Synonyms: assignment
attending (noun) the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others Synonyms: attention
(noun) the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.) Synonyms: attendance
autosexing (noun) (especially of domestic fowl) breeding to reveal differential sex characteristics at hatching
averting (noun) the act of preventing something from occurring
(noun) the act of turning yourself (or your gaze) away Synonyms: aversion
awakening (noun) the act of waking Synonyms: wakening, waking up
awarding (noun) a grant made by a law court Synonyms: award
awning (noun) a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun Synonyms: sunblind, sunshade
babbitting (noun) lining a surface or bearing with Babbitt metal
babbling (noun) gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby Synonyms: babble, lallation
babysitting (noun) the work of a baby sitter; caring for children when their parents are not home Synonyms: baby sitting
backflowing (noun) a flow that returns toward its source Synonyms: backflow
backgrounding (noun) the execution of low priority programs while higher priority programs are not using the processing system Synonyms: background processing
backing (noun) the act of providing approval and support Synonyms: patronage, championship, backup
(noun) something forming a back that is added for strengthening Synonyms: mount
(noun) financial resources provided to make some project possible Synonyms: support, funding, financial backing, financial support
backlighting (noun) lighting from behind
backlog (noun) an accumulation of jobs not done or materials not processed that are yet to be dealt with (especially unfilled customer orders for products or services)
(noun) the large log at the back of a hearth fire
(noun) something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose Synonyms: reserve, stockpile
backpacking (noun) carrying something in a pack on the back Synonyms: packing
backsliding (noun) a failure to maintain a higher state Synonyms: relapse, relapsing, reversion, reverting, lapse, lapsing
badgering (noun) the act of harassing someone Synonyms: worrying, bedevilment, torment
bag (noun) a flexible container with a single opening
(noun) the quantity of game taken in a particular period (usually by one person)
(noun) a place that the runner must touch before scoring Synonyms: base
(noun) a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women) Synonyms: handbag, pocketbook, purse
(noun) the quantity that a bag will hold Synonyms: bagful
(noun) a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes Synonyms: grip, suitcase, traveling bag, travelling bag
(noun) an ugly or ill-tempered woman Synonyms: old bag
(noun) mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats) Synonyms: udder
(noun) an activity that you like or at which you are superior Synonyms: dish, cup of tea
bagging (noun) coarse fabric used for bags or sacks Synonyms: sacking
bagwig (noun) an 18th-century wig with hair pushed back into a bag.
baiting (noun) harassment especially of a tethered animal
baking (noun) making bread or cake or pastry etc.
(noun) cooking by dry heat in an oven
balancing (noun) getting two things to correspond Synonyms: reconciliation
ballooning (noun) flying in a balloon
balloting (noun) a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative Synonyms: vote, voting, ballot
bandaging (noun) the act of applying a bandage Synonyms: dressing, binding
banding (noun) a stripe or stripes of contrasting color Synonyms: band, stria, striation
(noun) an adornment consisting of a strip of a contrasting color or material Synonyms: stripe, band
bandyleg (noun) a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee) Synonyms: genu varum, bandy leg, bow leg, bowleg, tibia vara
bang (noun) a vigorous blow Synonyms: belt, knock, smash, bash
(noun) a sudden very loud noise Synonyms: blast, eruption, clap, bam
(noun) a border of hair that is cut short and hangs across the forehead Synonyms: fringe
(noun) the swift release of a store of affective force Synonyms: charge, rush, kick, boot, flush, thrill
(noun) a conspicuous success Synonyms: hit, smash, smasher, strike
banging (noun) a continuing very loud noise
(noun) the act of subjecting to strong attack Synonyms: battering
banking (noun) engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts or for exchange or for issuing loans and credit etc.
(noun) transacting business with a bank; depositing or withdrawing funds or requesting a loan etc.
banning (noun) an official prohibition or edict against something Synonyms: forbiddance, ban, forbidding
banqueting (noun) eating an elaborate meal (often accompanied by entertainment) Synonyms: feasting
banteng (noun) wild ox of the Malay Archipelago Synonyms: Bos banteng, banting, tsine
banting (noun) wild ox of the Malay Archipelago Synonyms: Bos banteng, banteng, tsine
barbecuing (noun) roasting a large piece of meat on a revolving spit out of doors over an open fire
bareboating (noun) boating by chartering a bareboat and providing your own crew and provisions
bargaining (noun) the negotiation of the terms of a transaction or agreement
baring (noun) the removal of covering Synonyms: uncovering, husking, denudation, stripping
barong (noun) a knife resembling a cleaver; used in the Philippines
barracking (noun) shouting to interrupt a speech with which you disagree Synonyms: heckling
barring (noun) the act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto Synonyms: blackball
basting (noun) a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together Synonyms: tacking, baste, basting stitch
(noun) moistening a roast as it is cooking
bathing (noun) immersing the body in water or sunshine
(noun) the act of washing yourself (or another person) Synonyms: washup
battering (noun) the act of subjecting to strong attack Synonyms: banging
batting (noun) (baseball) the batter's attempt to get on base
(noun) stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber Synonyms: batten
batwing (noun) one of a pair of swinging doors (as at the entrance to a western saloon)
bawling (noun) loud cries made while weeping Synonyms: wailing
beading (noun) ornamentation with beads Synonyms: beadwork
(noun) a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture Synonyms: astragal, bead, beadwork
beagling (noun) hunting rabbits with beagles
beanbag (noun) a small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games
bearing (noun) relevant relation or interconnection
(noun) the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies Synonyms: heading, aim
(noun) dignified manner or conduct Synonyms: presence, mien, comportment
(noun) characteristic way of bearing one's body Synonyms: posture, carriage
(noun) heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield Synonyms: charge, heraldic bearing, armorial bearing
(noun) a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily
beating (noun) the act of overcoming or outdoing Synonyms: whipping
(noun) the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows Synonyms: drubbing, whacking, thrashing, trouncing, lacing, licking
bedbug (noun) bug of temperate regions that infests especially beds and feeds on human blood Synonyms: Cimex lectularius, chinch, bed bug
bedding (noun) coverings that are used on a bed Synonyms: bed clothing, bedclothes
(noun) material used to provide a bed for animals Synonyms: litter, bedding material
bedspring (noun) (usually in the plural) one of the springs holding up the mattress of a bed
beekeeping (noun) the cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey Synonyms: apiculture
befooling (noun) derision of someone or something as foolish or absurd or inconsistent Synonyms: stultification
begging (noun) a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person) Synonyms: mendicancy, beggary
beginning (noun) the event consisting of the start of something
(noun) the time at which something is supposed to begin Synonyms: offset, start, kickoff, commencement, first, outset, get-go, showtime, starting time
(noun) the first part or section of something
(noun) the place where something begins, where it springs into being Synonyms: root, rootage, origin, source
(noun) the act of starting something Synonyms: start, commencement

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