1038 Adjectives That End With T

Part of Speech:
Word Definitions Synonyms
abducent (adjective) especially of muscles; drawing away from the midline of the body or from an adjacent part Synonyms: abducting
aberrant (adjective) markedly different from an accepted norm Synonyms: deviant, deviate
abeyant (adjective) inactive but capable of becoming active Synonyms: dormant
abhorrent (adjective) offensive to the mind Synonyms: repugnant, repulsive, detestable, obscene
abient (adjective) characterized by avoidance or withdrawal
abject (adjective) of the most contemptible kind Synonyms: miserable, scummy, scurvy, low, low-down
(adjective) most unfortunate or miserable
(adjective) showing utter resignation or hopelessness Synonyms: unhopeful
(adjective) showing humiliation or submissiveness
abortifacient (adjective) causing abortion
about (adjective) on the move Synonyms: astir
abreast (adjective) being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge Synonyms: up on, au courant, au fait
abrupt (adjective) marked by sudden changes in subject and sharp transitions Synonyms: disconnected
(adjective) exceedingly sudden and unexpected
(adjective) dangerously steep Synonyms: precipitous, sharp
(adjective) surprisingly and unceremoniously brusque in manner
absent (adjective) not being in a specified place
(adjective) nonexistent Synonyms: missing, wanting, lacking
(adjective) lost in thought; showing preoccupation Synonyms: scatty, absentminded, abstracted
absolutist (adjective) pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism Synonyms: absolutistic
absorbefacient (adjective) inducing or promoting absorption Synonyms: sorbefacient
absorbent (adjective) having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.) Synonyms: absorptive
abstinent (adjective) self-restraining; not indulging an appetite especially for food or drink Synonyms: abstentious
abstract (adjective) existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment
(adjective) not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature Synonyms: nonfigurative, nonobjective, abstractionist
(adjective) dealing with a subject in the abstract without practical purpose or intention
abstractionist (adjective) not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature Synonyms: nonfigurative, nonobjective, abstract
abundant (adjective) present in great quantity
acaulescent (adjective) (of plants) having no apparent stem above ground Synonyms: stemless
acceptant (adjective) accepting willingly Synonyms: acceptive
accordant (adjective) being in agreement or harmony; often followed by `with'
(adjective) in keeping Synonyms: concordant, conformable, consonant, agreeable
accumbent (adjective) lying down; in a position of comfort or rest Synonyms: recumbent, decumbent
accurst (adjective) under a curse Synonyms: maledict, accursed
acidulent (adjective) being sour to the taste Synonyms: acid, acidic, acidulous
acquiescent (adjective) willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest Synonyms: biddable
activist (adjective) advocating or engaged in activism Synonyms: activistic
adamant (adjective) impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason Synonyms: inexorable, intransigent, adamantine
adducent (adjective) especially of muscles; bringing together or drawing toward the midline of the body or toward an adjacent part Synonyms: adducting, adductive
adept (adjective) having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude Synonyms: practiced, proficient, good, expert, skilful, skillful
adherent (adjective) sticking fast
adient (adjective) characterized by acceptance or approach
adjacent (adjective) nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space Synonyms: next, side by side
(adjective) having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching Synonyms: neighboring, conterminous, contiguous
(adjective) near or close to but not necessarily touching
adjunct (adjective) furnishing added support Synonyms: accessory, adjuvant, ancillary, appurtenant, auxiliary
(adjective) of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another Synonyms: assistant
adjuvant (adjective) furnishing added support Synonyms: accessory, adjunct, ancillary, appurtenant, auxiliary
(adjective) enhancing the action of a medical treatment
adolescent (adjective) being of the age 13 through 19 Synonyms: teen, teenage, teenaged
(adjective) displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity Synonyms: jejune, juvenile, puerile
(adjective) in the state of development between puberty and maturity
(adjective) relating to or peculiar to or suggestive of an adolescent
adrift (adjective) aimlessly drifting Synonyms: rudderless, undirected, directionless, planless, afloat, aimless
(adjective) afloat on the surface of a body of water
adroit (adjective) quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
adscript (adjective) written or printed immediately following another character and aligned with it
(adjective) (used of persons) bound to a tract of land; hence their service is transferable from owner to owner Synonyms: adscripted
adsorbent (adjective) having capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface Synonyms: surface-assimilative, adsorptive
adult (adjective) (of animals) fully developed Synonyms: grown, grownup, big, full-grown, fully grown
(adjective) designed to arouse lust Synonyms: pornographic
adulterant (adjective) making impure or corrupt by adding extraneous materials Synonyms: adulterating
adust (adjective) dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight Synonyms: parched, scorched, sunbaked, baked
(adjective) burned brown by the sun
advertent (adjective) giving attention Synonyms: heedful
afferent (adjective) of nerves and nerve impulses; conveying sensory information from the sense organs to the CNS
affluent (adjective) having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value Synonyms: moneyed, wealthy, substantial, flush, loaded
afloat (adjective) borne on the water; floating
(adjective) aimlessly drifting Synonyms: rudderless, undirected, directionless, planless, adrift, aimless
(adjective) covered with water Synonyms: inundated, overflowing, awash, flooded
afoot (adjective) traveling by foot
(adjective) currently in progress Synonyms: underway
aforethought (adjective) with planning and intention Synonyms: planned, plotted
aft (adjective) (nautical, aeronautical) situated at or toward the stern or tail
aftermost (adjective) located closest to the stern or tail
aghast (adjective) struck with fear, dread, or consternation Synonyms: dismayed, shocked, appalled
airtight (adjective) having no weak points Synonyms: air-tight
(adjective) not allowing air or gas to pass in or out Synonyms: gas-tight, air-tight
albescent (adjective) becoming or shading into white
alcalescent (adjective) tending to become alkaline; slightly alkaline Synonyms: alkalescent
alert (adjective) engaged in or accustomed to close observation Synonyms: watchful
(adjective) quick and energetic Synonyms: zippy, rattling, merry, snappy, spanking, brisk, lively
(adjective) mentally perceptive and responsive Synonyms: alive, awake
alight (adjective) lighted up by or as by fire or flame Synonyms: on fire, ablaze, afire, aflame, aflare
aliquot (adjective) signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity
alkalescent (adjective) tending to become alkaline; slightly alkaline Synonyms: alcalescent
allegiant (adjective) steadfast in devotion (especially to your lawful monarch or government)
alright (adjective) nonstandard usage
ambient (adjective) completely enveloping
ambivalent (adjective) uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
ambulant (adjective) able to walk about Synonyms: ambulatory
amethyst (adjective) of a moderate purple color
amort (adjective) utterly cast down
ancient (adjective) belonging to times long past especially of the historical period before the fall of the Western Roman Empire
(adjective) very old
animist (adjective) of or pertaining to the doctrine of animism Synonyms: animistic
antecedent (adjective) preceding in time or order
antiaircraft (adjective) designed for defense from a surface position against air attack
anticipant (adjective) marked by eager anticipation Synonyms: expectant, anticipative
antitrust (adjective) of laws and regulations; designed to protect trade and commerce from unfair business practices Synonyms: antimonopoly
apart (adjective) remote and separate physically or socially Synonyms: isolated, obscure
(adjective) having characteristics not shared by others
aperient (adjective) mildly laxative
apparent (adjective) clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment Synonyms: unmistakable, manifest, palpable, patent, plain, evident
(adjective) appearing as such but not necessarily so Synonyms: ostensible, seeming
appellant (adjective) of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals) Synonyms: appellate
appendant (adjective) affixed as an appendage
appetent (adjective) marked by eager desire
appurtenant (adjective) furnishing added support Synonyms: accessory, adjunct, adjuvant, ancillary, auxiliary
apt (adjective) (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward Synonyms: minded, disposed, given, tending
(adjective) at risk of or subject to experiencing something usually unpleasant Synonyms: liable
(adjective) mentally quick and resourceful Synonyms: clever
(adjective) being of striking appropriateness and pertinence Synonyms: pertinent, apposite
arborescent (adjective) resembling a tree in form and branching structure Synonyms: dendriform, dendroid, dendroidal, arboreal, arboreous, arboresque, arboriform, tree-shaped, treelike
ardent (adjective) characterized by intense emotion Synonyms: impassioned, perfervid, fervent, fervid, fiery, torrid
(adjective) characterized by strong enthusiasm Synonyms: warm
(adjective) glowing or shining like fire
argent (adjective) of lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver Synonyms: silver, silverish, silvery
arrant (adjective) without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers Synonyms: unadulterated, utter, double-dyed, perfect, pure, gross, everlasting, sodding, staring, stark, complete, consummate, thorough, thoroughgoing
arrogant (adjective) having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride Synonyms: self-important, chesty
ascendant (adjective) tending or directed upward Synonyms: ascendent, ascensive
(adjective) most powerful or important or influential Synonyms: dominating, ascendent
ascendent (adjective) tending or directed upward Synonyms: ascendant, ascensive
(adjective) most powerful or important or influential Synonyms: dominating, ascendant
askant (adjective) (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy Synonyms: sidelong, squint, squint-eyed, squinty, askance, asquint
aslant (adjective) having an oblique or slanted direction Synonyms: diagonal, slanted, slanting, sloped, sloping, aslope
aspirant (adjective) desiring or striving for recognition or advancement Synonyms: wishful, aspiring
asquint (adjective) (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy Synonyms: sidelong, squint, squint-eyed, squinty, askance, askant
assentient (adjective) expressing agreement or consent Synonyms: assenting
assistant (adjective) of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another Synonyms: adjunct
assonant (adjective) having the same sound (especially the same vowel sound) occurring in successive stressed syllables
(adjective) having the same vowel sound occurring with different consonants in successive words or stressed syllables
assurgent (adjective) rising from the sea
(adjective) growing or extending upward
astringent (adjective) tending to draw together or constrict soft organic tissue
(adjective) sour or bitter in taste Synonyms: acerb, acerbic
atheist (adjective) related to or characterized by or given to atheism Synonyms: atheistic, atheistical
athirst (adjective) (usually followed by `for') extremely desirous Synonyms: hungry, thirsty
atilt (adjective) departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal Synonyms: canted, tilted, tipped, leaning
attendant (adjective) being present (at a meeting or event, etc.)
(adjective) occurring with or following as a consequence Synonyms: resultant, incidental, ensuant, sequent, collateral, concomitant, consequent, accompanying
august (adjective) of or befitting a lord Synonyms: grand, lordly
(adjective) profoundly honored Synonyms: revered, venerable

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