463 Adjectives That End With N

Word Definitions Synonyms
abecedarian alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers) -
aeonian continuing forever or indefinitely unceasing, unending, perpetual, eonian, eternal, everlasting, ageless
aeonian of or relating to a geological eon (longer than an era) eonian
aesculapian of or belonging to Aesculapius or the healing art medical
agrarian relating to farming or agriculture agricultural, farming
ain belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself); preceded by a possessive own
akin similar in quality or character kindred
akin related by blood kin, cognate, consanguine, consanguineal, consanguineous, blood-related
alien not contained in or deriving from the essential nature of something foreign
alien being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world exotic
ambrosian extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant nectarous, ambrosial
ambrosian worthy of the gods ambrosial
ameban pertaining to or resembling amoebae amebic, amebous, amoeban, amoebic, amoebous
amoeban pertaining to or resembling amoebae ameban, amebic, amebous, amoebic, amoebous
amphibian relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia amphibious
annelidan relating to or belonging to or characteristic of any worms of the phylum Annelida annelid
antediluvian so extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period antiquated, archaic
antediluvian of or relating to the period before the biblical flood antediluvial
antemeridian before noon -
antiauthoritarian opposed to authoritarianism -
antinomian relating to or influenced by antinomianism -
antipodean relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth antipodal
antipollution intended to reduce pollution -
antiquarian of or relating to persons who study or deal in antiques or antiquities -
antiquarian of or relating to antiques or antiquities -
anuran relating to frogs and toads salientian, batrachian
apian relating to or having the characteristics of bees -
apiarian relating to bees or beekeeping -
apogean relating to or characteristic of an apogee -
arachnidian relating to or resembling a member of the class Arachnida spiderlike, spiderly, spidery, arachnoid
araneidan relating to or resembling a spider araneidal
arcadian (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic pastoral, bucolic
archaean of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon archean
archdiocesan of or relating to an archdiocese -
archean of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon archaean
archosaurian of or relating to reptiles of the subclass Archosauria -
artesian (of water) rising to the surface under internal hydrostatic pressure -
arthropodan of or relating to invertebrates of the phylum Arthropoda arthropodal, arthropodous
ashen anemic looking from illness or emotion white, blanched, bloodless, livid
ashen made of wood of the ash tree -
auburn (of hair) colored a moderate reddish-brown -
aurorean characteristic of the dawn auroral
authoritarian characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty despotic, dictatorial, autocratic, tyrannic, tyrannical
authoritarian expecting unquestioning obedience dictatorial, overbearing
avellan pertaining to filberts or hazelnuts avellane
avian pertaining to or characteristic of birds -
awestricken having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread awed, awestruck
bacchanalian used of riotously drunken merrymaking orgiastic, carousing, bacchanal, bacchic
barbarian without civilizing influences uncivilised, uncivilized, wild, savage, barbaric
barren providing no shelter or sustenance desolate, stark, bare, bleak
barren not bearing offspring -
barren completely wanting or lacking innocent, destitute, devoid, free
baseborn of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense) humble, base, lowly
baseborn illegitimate base
basilican of or relating to or resembling a basilica -
batrachian relating to frogs and toads salientian, anuran
beardown with full strength -
beaten much trodden and worn smooth or bare -
beaten formed or made thin by hammering -
bedridden confined to bed (by illness) sick-abed, bedfast, bedrid
beechen consisting of or made of wood of the beech tree -
begotten (of offspring) generated by procreation -
beholden under a moral obligation to someone -
benign not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive (especially of a tumor) -
benign pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence benignant
benign kindness of disposition or manner -
bespoken (of clothing) custom-made made-to-order, bespoke, tailor-made, tailored
bespoken pledged to be married engaged, betrothed
bicorn having two horns or horn-shaped parts bicornate, bicorned, bicornuate, bicornuous
billion denoting a quantity consisting of one thousand million items or units in the United States -
billion denoting a quantity consisting of one million million items or units in Great Britain -
bipartisan supported by both sides bipartizan, two-party, two-way
bipartizan supported by both sides bipartisan, two-party, two-way
birchen consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree birch, birken
birken consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree birch, birchen
blown being moved or acted upon by moving air or vapor -
blown breathing laboriously or convulsively pursy, winded, short-winded
bohemian unconventional in especially appearance and behavior -
boon very close and convivial -
born brought into existence -
born being talented through inherited qualities natural, innate
boughten purchased; not homemade store-bought
bounden morally obligatory -
branchiopodan of or relating to or characteristic of the subclass Branchiopoda branchiopod, branchiopodous
brazen unrestrained by convention or propriety insolent, audacious, bald-faced, barefaced, bodacious, brassy, brazen-faced
brazen made of or resembling brass (as in color or hardness) -
broken physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or split -
broken not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly -
broken (especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded unkept
broken subdued or brought low in condition or status humbled, humiliated, crushed, low
broken tamed or trained to obey broken in
broken topographically very uneven rugged
broken imperfectly spoken or written -
broken thrown into a state of disarray or confusion upset, disordered, confused
broken weakened and infirm -
broken destroyed financially impoverished, wiped out
broken out of working order (`busted' is an informal substitute for `broken') busted
broken discontinuous -
broken lacking a part or parts -
brown of a color similar to that of wood or earth dark-brown, chocolate-brown, brownish
brown (of skin) deeply suntanned browned
caducean of or relating to a caduceus -
caecilian of or relating to or belonging to the family Caeciliidae -
caesarean relating to abdominal delivery caesarian, cesarean, cesarian
caesarian relating to abdominal delivery caesarean, cesarean, cesarian
callipygian pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks callipygous
callithumpian of or relating to a callithump -
careworn showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering raddled, haggard, drawn, worn
carnation pink or pinkish -
carven made for or formed by carving (`carven' is archaic or literary) carved
catapultian of or like a catapult catapultic
catarrhinian of or related to Old World monkeys that have nostrils together and opening downward catarrhine
cedarn consisting of or made of cedar -
centenarian being at least 100 years old -
cephalopodan relating or belonging to the class Cephalopoda cephalopod
certain having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured sure
certain established beyond doubt or question; definitely known -
certain certain to occur; destined or inevitable sure
certain established irrevocably sealed
certain definite but not specified or identified -
certain reliable in operation or effect sure
certain exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance sure
cerulean of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October sky sky-blue, azure, bright blue
cesarean relating to abdominal delivery caesarean, caesarian, cesarian
cesarian relating to abdominal delivery caesarean, caesarian, cesarean
cetacean of or relating to whales and dolphins etc cetaceous
chaetognathan of or relating to arrowworms chaetognathous
champion holding first place in a contest prizewinning
chapfallen brought low in spirit deflated, chopfallen, crestfallen
chelonian of or relating to or resembling or being a turtle or tortoise -
chicken easily frightened white-livered, chickenhearted, yellow, yellow-bellied, lily-livered
chopfallen brought low in spirit deflated, chapfallen, crestfallen
christian following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ -
chthonian dwelling beneath the surface of the earth nether, chthonic
circadian of or relating to biological processes occurring at 24-hour intervals -
civilian associated with civil life or performed by persons who are not active members of the military -
clarion loud and clear -
clean free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits -
clean ritually clean or pure -
clean not spreading pollution or contamination; especially radioactive contamination uncontaminating
clean (of behavior or especially language) free from objectionable elements; fit for all observers unobjectionable
clean free of restrictions or qualifications clear
clean (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims unclouded, clear, light
clean free from impurities fresh
clean (of a record) having no marks of discredit or offense -
clean free from sepsis or infection uninfected
clean morally pure clean-living
clean (of a manuscript) having few alterations or corrections fair
clean (of a surface) not written or printed on white, blank
clean exhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play sporting, sportsmanlike, sporty
clean without difficulties or problems -
clean thorough and without qualification -
clean not carrying concealed weapons -
clean free from clumsiness; precisely or deftly executed neat
clean free of drugs -